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ONTHESPOTLIGHT provide specialist lighting (and sound systems) for any type of function in any type of venue from Marquees to Theatres

including, Concerts , Weddings, 

Function Bands, Parties,

Fashion Shows, Dance Shows,

Tribute Acts, Festivals,

High End DJs



ONTHESPOTLIGHT have worked on local events through to full UK tours.


Packages can be arranged based entirely on your requirements and your budget, these can be as small as two stands and a couple of lights to a fully pre-programmed, fully automated moving light show to wow your audience.



We can incorporate video effects and projected images in to your event.


Transforming dull halls by creating amazing party atmospheres or sophisticated function rooms by flooding the walls with beautiful colours.


We can offer projectors and screens to project your initials, photographs or home videos for your guests to enjoy.


A range of lights and sound systems available to suit any party, including the increasingly popular 'do-it-your-self DJ' or 'MP3 Parties'. Or maybe you're after a full nightclub atmosphere? We can provide it. 


We also have the kind of professional lighting equipment that most DJs just don't have. We can work with you or your DJ to add

Projected Logos or Initials, Lasers, Dry Ice

Bubble Machines, Moving Lights, Customised Gobos, Video Screens or Uplighters

for your next party.

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